What's Your Long-Term Vision for Your Family?
by J. Mark Fox
Let's discuss setting down on paper some goals you want to accomplish with your children before they leave home in this week's featured GREENHOUSE article.

NCHE Board Introductions
Want to hear some great advice on home education from an experienced homeschool dad? In this video, we will introduce you to Kevin McClain, IT director and former president of NCHE. He will also tell you why NCHE is so important for homeschooling families in North Carolina.

Homeschool Opportunity
Charlotte Hornets vs. Boston Celtics
Join NCHE on December 27 at the Charlotte Hornets vs. Boston Celtics game for NCHE homeschool night! Enjoy deeply discounted group ticket prices, free Hornets t-shirts, and post-game free throw on the Hornets' court.

Articles of Interest
Each week we look for articles that you might be interested in so that we can share them with you.

10 Factory Field Trips for Students and Families in the Triangle
(Carolina Parent)

7 Things I’ve Stopped Worrying About as a Homeschool Mom
(Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers)

The Year of Hygge for Homeschooling
(The Unlikely Homeschool)

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  • protect the freedom to educate at home
  • provide encouragement and support to families choosing home education for their children
  • promote home education as an excellent educational alternative

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