Karen DeBeus to Speak at Thrive!
May 31-June 2, Winston-Salem, NC

Karen DeBeus will speak at the 2018 NCHE Thrive! Conference—May 31-June 2, Winston-Salem, NC. This will be Karen's first time to speak at the NCHE Conference, and we are looking forward to being encouraged by her.

Karen DeBeus is a homeschooling mom learning to live more simply and keep God at the center of it all. She is the author of three best-selling homeschooling books and writes at Simply Living for Him and Bible Based Homeschooling. She speaks nationally and locally about homeschooling and her desire for others to clear the clutter from their lives and seek God first. She enjoys life on her hobby farm with her husband and four children. Together they are a work-at-home family pursuing a simple life with purpose and, above all, seeking to glorify God in all they do.​

Vendor Application
The application to be a vendor at the 2018 Thrive! Conference is available.

NC DNPE Update
by Spencer Mason
The NC Division for Non-Public Education (DNPE) has implemented a major change in their school database that affects homeschools. Read about this change in our featured GREENHOUSE article of the week.

Homeschool Opportunities
Biltmore Field Trip
Join NCHE at Biltmore's Homeschool Days, September 21 & 22! Advance reservations and payment are required by calling 866-851-4661. Tickets are $23 for ages 4 and up. NCHE will see you there!

Museum of Life and Science Field Trip
Join NCHE on Thursday, October 12, for a day at the Museum of Life and Science, Durham, NC!

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Why Kids Should Go Barefoot More (and Probably Adults, Too)
(The Washington Post)

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