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  • Why Study Science?

    Why should a “non-science” child study science? Why would someone hoping to be something like a professional singer need to study science? What value does studying science have for the "average Joe"?

    As a Christian, the study of science is the study of the handiwork of your God. If you love someone, you usually show an interest in what they make.

    There are many wonderful things about nature that constantly amaze scientists, whether they believe in God the creator or not. Fascinating things like spiders with minute brains that can make intricate spider webs and monarch butterflies that know how to fly to specific locations in Mexico from all over the USA.

    I marvel at the sophisticated software that is within the human genome. It's a software program that resides on hardware that is so small that you need a microscope to see it, and yet has the capacity to turn a fertilised egg cell into the innumerable cells in our bodies, each with their own functions in the right places, following a schedule that takes years as we mature.

    The subject of Physics is so thoroughly mathematical, revealing mathematical relationships between the various causes and effects, and yet nature is artistically beautiful at the same time. The planets follow the law of gravitation in their orbits around the sun, and yet the sunset is an awesome artistic display.

    In Chemistry nothing would make sense if atoms of the same element had their own personality and were not all the same. Chocolate always tastes like chocolate, and water is always wet. There is a consistency and dependency in nature. We can count on the sun rising day after day, and the seasons cycling over predictably each year.

    As a Christian, science tells me a great deal of the mind of God, about his orderly mathematical mind and yet of his artistic creativity. The interconnectedness of each system in nature tells us of his wisdom and insight.

    It causes me to experience a sense of awe at Him.

    A Christian who doesn't study science is missing out on getting to know another side of their creator.

    Some say that they are not Math and Science people. Yet, God is clearly a genius at Math and Science, and we are all made in His image. We all have the capacity to reason logically because He does. When someone denies their ability to do Math and Science, I understand that to mean that they have lost confidence in their God given ability to think in a logical and focused manner.

    Some say that Science is for Nerds. You know that you are not a Nerd, because you're made in the image of God and He isn't a Nerd. (People who are afraid of falsely being called a Nerd, as simply that, fearful and cowardly.) We should not care what other people thing of us – rather what God thinks of us.

    I once heard a student say that she hated science with a passion. How sad for a Christian to hate the study of their Creator's workmanship. How does He feel to hear those words of hatred?

    Quite to the contrary, we can all find wonder in science! Science helps us to know the Lord better, to think like Him and to give Him the glory that He deserves.

    Richard Hawkins

    Richard, his wife Gail, and their three children run nJoy Science. A program offering science labs and hands on science classes for home schooled children in the greater Charlotte area.
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